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Our Top 5 Pianos in the World

With too many brands and too many kinds to choose from, sometimes picking a piano can be difficult. How big should I have mine, what brands should I consider, how is the instrument’s musical capabilities? Here we have for you, our pick for the top 5 piano brands in the world, and a little on why we think they are the best ones!


Probably the youngest out of all the big giants, the Fazioli pianos are dreams come true to any musician. Perfectly designed for a pianist by a pianist, the evenness of Fazioli piano can’t be understated, both in terms of the touch as well as the sound throughout the keyboard and ranges. With a clarity and singing tone that is unmatched, very sensitive to the touch as well as nuances, you’ll have no trouble at all expressing your heart’s desire on a Fazioli instrument, especially coupled with the super fancy soundboard that’s made from the same wood as the Stradivarius violins from the famous Val di Fiemme in Italy.

More than just that, Fazioli is able to customize any piano to your specifications, as they have sizes ranging from the smallest one at 156 cm to the longest concert grand in the world at 308 cm, and wonderful customization in terms of veneer and design as well! [photo of M Liminal]

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, Fazioli is probably one of the most committed and artisan piano makers out there now, only building not more than 150 pianos a year, ensuring that all the quality is met as each piano that’s leaving the factory in Sacile is played by Paolo himself. Focusing only on making the best grand pianos, Fazioli is the only one in this list that doesn’t manufacture a second or a third line of instruments. A true commitment to the art of piano making, Fazioli is genuinely one of the most sought-after pianos in the world right now. Learn more about Fazioli by clicking here!


As one of the most renowned brands in the world, Steinway and Sons are probably one of the most famous one - and for a good reason. As one of the most accessible pianos in the world, Steinway’s manufacturing can generate loads of pianos in a year, and with dealerships everywhere, it is very easy to obtain a Steinway. Steinway is also known for its reputation because of their partnership with lots of Steinway Artists such as Lang Lang, Yuja Wang, Jonathan Biss, Mitsuko Uchida, and many others, as well as conservatories.

Established in 1853 in Manhattan, New York, Steinway has turned into a very successful business brand and corporation. And just because of exactly that, finding the perfect Steinway for you requires a lot of trying different instruments. While the size could be similar, the character of sound sometimes could be different. Mostly differentiated by the finish of the piano, most Steinway pianos are black in color, with a matte finish for the New York one and the glossy finish for the ones made in Hamburg. Famous for their round sound and powerful bass, Steinway is a wonderful option for both pianists and amateurs alike. For more pocket friendly options, Steinway has a second and third lines: Boston and Essex.


Founded by Julius Bluthner in 1853, the Bluthner pianos are the...underrated gem that everyone should know more about. Still preserved as a family business even 5 generations later, Bluthner still carries the same idealism as Julius Bluthner, making sure that the name on the fall board of the piano represents not only their commitment to excellence but also the tradition and legacy that was passed down through tradition.

With the extra fourth string on the upper register, Bluthner is known for their golden tone, the singing quality and was the ultimate choice by composers back in the 19th century such as Liszt, Brahms, Debussy, Mahler, Rachmaninoff, and many others, as well as the choice for Emperors, Queens, and Tsars across Europe. Can you imagine being able to play those composers’s pieces on the piano that they actually conceptualized them for? It certainly is a completely different experience.

The Beatles, specifically Paul McCartney played on a Bluthner grand piano at the Abbey Road studio during their recordings. [photograph Paul McCartney available from the internet] Bluthner also manufactures upright pianos under the same brand, as well as two more lines that are more affordable - the Irmler and the Haessler. With a beautifully classic sound of tradition coupled with the expressiveness in touch and beautiful tone colors, Bluthner is definitely the choice for someone who appreciates tradition and wants to be a part of a legacy.


One of the lesser known out of the five, Bechstein is definitely one that has also been known for a long time! The company was founded in Berlin in 1853 (why does it seem like everyone found their piano manufacturer at the same year?), and up until now it is still one of the most respected piano makers in the world. With similar nod to tradition as Bluthner as well, Bechstein is one of the forerunners of the German piano maker, and Bechstein is known to have a wonderful range of tones and various colors.

A choice for professional musicians as well, Bechstein has a particular lightness in which the clarity of each voice is maintained through a performance, and that it is known to be easier to play than the Steinway, for example. Bechstein also maintains wonderful tradition of German manufacturing even until now at their two factories in Germany as well as Czech Republic, with various tiers of quality in the instruments: the Bechstein Concert, Bechstein Academy, W. Hoffmann and Zimmermann line as the more budget-conscious choices.


You might be thinking…”What?” And that is exactly why we add this piano into the list. Estonia is probably one of the most underrated and hidden gem pianos out there, with a really beautiful sound that gives you so much comfort in playing the instrument. Coupled with the ease of controlling the keyboard (we all know how difficult it is to play on an unfriendly piano!), Estonia pianos give you a wide range of expression that is suited for all genres - classical, jazz, pop, you name it!

More than just that, similar to Fazioli, Estonia factory is now owned by an accomplished Estonian pianist, Dr. Indrek Laul, and his knowledge about piano not only as a builder but also as a performer definitely shaped the instruments to be geared towards the musician’s experience. With also customizable finish and design, Estonia is quickly gaining traction in the music world, and we can see why. Learn more about why we think Estonia should be on this list on this article here!

So, does your favorite piano make the cut? We hope that we give you useful information as you decide on which piano is the best for you! Let us know in the comments about what you think of our list and we hope that you can find the piano of your dreams!

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