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The Grand Signature Piano
The Grand Signature Piano

About The Grand

Providing an unmatched experience to world-class performers and luxury collectors alike, the arrival of The Grand represents a watershed moment for the Indonesian piano and luxury goods market. 

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Our Founder

Founded by Helen Gumanti, The Grand prides itself on carrying only the finest hand crafted and customizable pianos, with exclusive rights to both Fazioli and Blüthner, respectively regarded as the luxury brands of the piano world. A native of Jakarta, Helen is a classical pianist herself, and brings over 20 years of sales experience in various luxury goods markets.

Helen brings an unblemished record of five star service and exquisite aftercare. Under her guidance, customers are guaranteed an experience of the highest standard, an experience aptly suited for the refined palates of Indonesia’s most avid collectors and discerning performers.

The Grand Signature Piano


We strive to be the main resource to supply high performance pianos to all concert halls, musical theatres, music conservatories, international and important music events in Indonesia. Furthermore, we aim to be the premier supplier of highly customized pianos to all luxury homes in Indonesia.


The Grand is the first piano boutique in Indonesia to provide a piano buying experience beyond compare by carrying only the highest performance pianos and offering customized service. We guide each customer in finding the right piano through our expertise and reliable team as we strive to be the forerunner in our industry. We deeply understand that our primary consumers are professional musicians and those who prioritize cultural excellence through music. Thus, we commit to only providing premium products and service.

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