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Fazioli: The King of Perfection

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

While we all know that building a tradition is something that is important, especially in the field of classical music, it is amazing how Fazioli, in their young age of 40 years, have managed to leave such an impression in the minds and hearts of musicians and music aficionados alike, gathering awards and pushing the boundaries of what an instrument can innovative step at a time.


A lot of people usually are skeptical about a new brand. Is it good enough, is it reputable enough, how can you be sure that something so new can stand the test of time? Especially in the world of piano building, where tradition of how the piano should be made was established such a long time ago. What could possibly be changed to make it better? Well, here are some of the things that make us believe in Fazioli as the king of perfection...and then some.

First of all, no great piano will come out of what seems to be mediocre materials. As we all know, the selection of materials that are going to be used for the piano determined how the instrument will sound. Take the soundboard, for example. The Fazioli soundboards are made out of Italian spruce from the famous Val di Fiemme, the exact same wood that grows in the same forest as the wood that was used by the Stradivari family for their super famous Stradivarius instruments - the violins, the cellos, the violas. Imagine that resonance, the beauty of the sound of those Stradivarius instruments, and then transport it to a piano.

The soundboard is the heart of the instrument, the one that ultimately determines what type of sound you will be producing. But wait, there’s more. Not only that the source of the material is important, it is also imperative for us to consider how these materials are treated. Fazioli’s experimentation, research, and development continues even until today, trying to find, always, a better way to build a better piano.

What type of research, you say? Oh, let’s say...the glue. Yes, you didn’t read wrong. They experiment with the glue that they use to put all of these building blocks together. Does it matter, you say? Of course it does, and wouldn’t you want your instrument to be built with the best quality, the best attention, and the best care that one could ever imagine? You could read more about their processes and what they’re doing here. the ultimate reason why Fazioli is Fazioli. The sheer...obsessiveness over every single detail is what makes perfection. As we all know perfection is never attainable with anything that’s mediocre, and Fazioli’s true nature of never compromising is the idealism that truly shows their nature of pursuing the highest quality possible.


What is a pursuit if others don’t see the fruits of your labor and appreciate it, right? While there are of course other brands that have been present for way longer, Fazioli is slowly permeating the trends worldwide because everyone is starting to see the immense commitment that Fazioli has towards their instruments, but also...because they are amazing to play on.

Many notable pianists have spoken very highly of Fazioli because of this element. If we talk about manufacturing, it is sure that Fazioli is notorious for finding, implementing, and using the best. But the most important thing is, as a musical instrument, is it a joy to play. Does it really convey thoughts and expressions better than any other pianos out there?

The answer is yes. Playing on a Fazioli is to be able to find the instrument that speaks your language. It is so accommodating to the point where you don’t have to force anything for it to understand you, and to have that seemingly seamless transmission of thoughts into expressions into sound...isn’t that what we want overall from an instrument? The details and care that the manufacturing process gives to the instrument shows - the pianos are well-loved, and every piano that goes out of the factory has been played by Paolo himself to make sure that it meets his quality to be sent out.

As many international competitions has included Fazioli as one of the options for their competitors, including the famous Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, and the Liszt Competition in Utrecht, we now can see that Fazioli is gaining its rightfully deserved reputation, bringing the great artistry of these artists to be seen by the world. Daniil Trifonov, medalists at the Chopin as well as the gold medalist at Tchaikovsky, chose to perform on a Fazioli concert grand often. As pianist, it is always so important to have an instrument that understand what we’re trying to accomplish and how the instrument can even further our own expressions.

With an amazing touch and a sensitivity to match, especially with the range of colors that are available, the Fazioli pianos are even more special because of the innate tone color that is produced by the instrument. Clear, singing, beautiful, and resonant - truly an Italian aesthetic that this writer could only imagine is inspired by the most beautiful Italian operatic singing. The transparency that Fazioli instruments can produce but in no way making it less of a powerful statement is what we, as pianists, would want to have in an instrument. An instrument that gives us the opportunity to be even better and project things even clearer than what we could ever imagine. That’s the true power of a Fazioli.


With all of these information coming at you, it wouldn’t mean much until you experience it for yourself. Ranging from the smallest size of 156 cm to the biggest concert grand in the world at 308 cm, from the classics to the special models, we are sure to find you the Fazioli that speaks to you. Come and try out our beautiful Fazioli instruments today, and see why Fazioli is the ultimate piano. Let your music be heard through the best possible sound, and experience the true perfection of Fazioli.

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