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Fazioli: The Sound That Makes Your Home

Have you ever wondered what creates a home? How can a building seem homey, and another just seem very cold and distant? A home is more than just a collection of things in a building, it’s what unites the people who live inside it. And the reason why a home is something that we look forward to going to is because of how it makes us feel - the warmth and peace that it gives us. And nothing is closer to us than the idea of music and sound. We all know that feeling when listening to a song or a tune can change our feelings instantly...sometimes nostalgic, sometimes excited, some other times it’s just simply calming us down at the end of a long day.

Presenting you with the highest possible musical creation ever made: the Fazioli pianos. Built for excellence in the highest artistic pursuit with the best materials and advanced technology known to piano manufacturing, the Fazioli classic is a must have in everyone’s luxury homes. With the black high-gloss finish and the elegant curved edges, each element of a Fazioli piano tells a story: a story about passion, about love, and about commitment to artistry. The sound that Fazioli has is the cleanest, most vibrant, and most colorful, bringing you the ultimate Italian singing tone that reflects the aesthetic of the renowned Italian operatic singing. Why would you ever settle on the run-of-the-mill piano when you can have the best? Artistically providing you with unparallelled musical experience that would make your house even more homey, while at the same time giving you the visual pleasure that comes from the most elegantly built piano there ever is - for example the best and most beautiful Canadian maple and African mahogany, whose beauty you can see in the inner side of the rim.

“But what if I don’t play the piano”, you ask? Fazioli has the latest and highest technology in self-playing piano, always using the best and the most advanced self-playing system in the world. The ability to customize your piano to suit your own taste and interior of your house is also one of the best features of Fazioli, making a piano that is truly built for your home. From the smallest one at 156 cm long to the biggest one at 308 cm long, Fazioli has a piano that is perfect for you. A delight for your eyes and your ears, but most importantly, an inspiration and source of peace for your soul.

As the leading piano boutique in Indonesia with the highest expertise and discerning taste for pianos, The Grand Signature Piano represents only the most exclusive European pianos. Our passion in bringing only the best pianos to Indonesia is second to none, as we continue to provide only the first class instrument and service.

Make your house into a home, and your home even more special with Fazioli. Come and experience the warmth of Fazioli for yourself, only at The Grand Signature Piano.

The Grand Signature Piano

Plaza Indonesia, level 3

Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 28-30

Phone +62-21-2992-4346

Whatsapp +62-813-8000-7225

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