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Fazioli Stands for The Art and Music Built with Integrity and Passion to Inspire

The impact of the coronavirus is not only affecting how we live in our day to day lives, but also almost every industry in the world at this moment. We used to be go-getters that can’t seem to slow down, but during these times that we mostly spend in our homes, we can definitely reflect more towards what our businesses do and the impact that we have in the world as well.

Quality is more important than quantity, as we all know, but it is even truer when we’re faced in a situation like this. A time like this is a time for us to remind ourselves that it is not about the amount of options anymore, but it is about appreciating the quality: quality of the time that we chose to spend at home, quality of the friends and company that we keep, as well as the quality of things that we own, ultimately contributing to our overall well-being and consciousness of how we are living our lives.

With the idea of fast food, fast fashion, and fast pretty-much-everything, this idea of manic commercialization and consumerism have been the epicentre of businesses in recent years. But, it has never been the case for Paolo Fazioli. Focusing on the human aspect of production and “handcrafting the pianos individually with highest respect to the environment and all the resources involved in the process”, Fazioli has been staying true to the idea that quality is more important than quantity. Furthermore during this pandemic, Fazioli instruments have been giving people a chance to reconnect with their own humanity through their instruments. It is, however, more than just the instruments. It is not about the quantity. It is about what Fazioli stands for, the art and music built with integrity and passion to inspire.

We at The Grand Signature Piano are proud to be carrying the legacy of Fazioli Pianos here in Indonesia, believing that what the instrument stands for is just as equally important as what we can make out of it. During the darkest time in history, humanity always turns to art for consolation, for hope, and for solace. Art brings people together, and we at The Grand Signature Piano are proud to say that we’re carrying not just any instruments, but the instruments that are conceptualized to affect lives and connect us as a community. Owning a Fazioli instrument is not simply an experience, it is a commitment to choosing values, integrity, and above all, humanity.

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