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Fazioli Malachite: The Story of Beauty and Healing

There’s no one that wouldn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful things, especially when those beautiful things bring so much more than just beauty, but also healing powers and have the ability to calm you down. In the hectic world that we live in, it is so important for us to focus on our own well-being, and what better way to nurture our soul than through the beauty of music?

Introducing the Fazioli Malachite, where the unparalleled musical and artistic excellence meets the elegance, beauty, and the healing powers of the semi-precious stones.

The Fazioli Malachite, now an in-house collection at The Grand Signature Piano, boasts the immense power of Italian excellence of artistic pursuit. Beautifully crafted in the highest quality of material procurement as well as the manufacturing process itself, the Fazioli Malachite is truly one of the most special instruments in the world. At a bit more than 2 metres long (Fazioli Malachite is an F212), it is the perfect size for any room, and surely will become a focal point in any interior design.

Looking into the details of the piano, we can see the intricate inlay of various wood, both natural and coloured, adding towards the grain of the walnut that precisely put together, not missing any details. The beauty of the wood is coupled with the precious mother-of-pearl details at the end of the four-petal bloom that adorned the side as well as the top of the lid of the piano. If the detailed woodworking is not enough for you, the extraordinary touch of color brings the instrument into a new height, with the addition of semi-precious stone, the Malachite.

The vibrant green of the Malachite is placed in a folar infinity twirls at the keyboard sides of the case and on the surface of the lid, making this piano the odd one out - a piano that is as beautiful, if not more beautiful, when it is closed as when it is opened. The exotic Malachite, moreover, is beloved by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, as well as Romans. It is known to have healing and protective powers, adding an old-world charm and poise to this elegant and unique instrument.

Of course, an instrument is nothing special if the sound that it produces can’t touch your soul. The use of walnut as the main wood for this piano gives way to the warmth of sound that you have not experienced before. It cradles your ear in a delicate yet powerful presence, a sound that speaks to your emotions. Boasting the best manufacturing technology from Fazioli, coupled with the highest quality material and integrity of production to make the most artistically superior instruments, the Fazioli Malachite is the one that has everything.

Beauty and elegance of design.

Warmth and depth of musical sound.

The perfect combination.

Exclusively available at The Grand Signature Piano, the Fazioli Malachite is yours to experience and to own, today! As the leading piano boutique in Indonesia with the highest expertise and discerning taste for pianos, The Grand Signature Piano represents only the most exclusive European pianos. Our passion in bringing only the best pianos to Indonesia is second to none, as we continue to provide only the first class instrument and service. Let us bring you an instrument that represents your value of taste, aesthetic, and no others.

YouTube video: The Grand Love Stories, episode 2 - Fazioli Malachite

The Grand Signature Piano

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Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 28-30

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