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Model F278

Grand Piano

The Benchmark

F278 is the the second largest concert grand in Fazioli family. When it comes to concert grand pianos Fazioli reigns supreme. Made entirely by hand by our artisanal craftsmen with utmost attentions to even the smallest of details Fazioli concert grand  is a dream for a pianist – a piano that can make your every nuance come to life. With Fazioli concert grand the only limit is infinity of inspiration.



H: 100 cm / L: 157 cm / L: 278 cm​



530 kg


Red Spruce from Val di Fiemme - Italy

Keyboard, Renner Action, and Hammers: 

Built according to Fazioli specifications

Black Keys: 

Ebony wood

White Keys: 

Non-slippery and non-reflecting composite material


Sustain, tonal, soft (una corda)


Black high-gloss polyester finish or other choices

Fazioli F278 is a powerful instrument designed to be a vehicle for performance on the world’s premiere stages.

The soundboard of F278 is made entirely of red spruce that hails from the Val di Fiemme, a valley in the eastern Italian Alps. Evenness, lightness and flexible strength are typical features of this wood, the same that Stradivari chose for his legendary violins.

The action of Fazioli pianos are made to our own specifications by the most reputable specialists in the field. Fazioli uses Renner actions and hammers and Kluge keyboards.

The top of the bridge is laminated using woods with different qualities and increasing hardness proportionate to the frequency of the strings: maple is the wood of preference for the base and the centre areas, hornbeam for the treble and boxwood for the high treble.

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