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Model F156

Grand Piano


F156 is a smallest baby grand piano in Fazioli family yet it has all the qualities one has come to expect from Fazioli grand piano. The light and sensitive action, resonant sound and beautiful tone are the attribute of this beautiful and space conscious instrument.

As the poet once said: “No home is complete without a piano” and we at Fazioli are dedicated to making sure that every home of any size can reveal its poetic heart with the sound of music made on Fazioli piano.



H: 98 cm / L: 149 cm / L: 156 cm​



295 kg


Red Spruce from Val di Fiemme - Italy

Keyboard, Renner Action, and Hammers: 

Built according to Fazioli specifications

Black Keys: 

Ebony wood

White Keys: 

Non-slippery and non-reflecting composite material


Sustain, tonal, soft (una corda)


Black high-gloss polyester finish or other choices

Triple hight option for the lid opening allows for extra flexibility adjusting the volume and overtones of the piano depending on the desired effect.

Perfect for an apartment or a small rehearsal studio F156 will also be ideal for schools and venues that require a repositioning of the piano frequently.

Fazioli uses the finest quality polyester applied by a complex process on a previously treated surface. Only the first stage of polishing uses machines, the final finish is achieved by hand.

The blond burl lining of the case illuminates the treasure within – the golden iron frame with our superb red spruce soundboard.

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