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PH Grand

Design Edition

by Poul Henningsen

Blüthner Craftsmanship

and Danish Design

The PH Grand Piano was designed in 1931 by Poul Henningsen.  It still belongs to the future.  It brings style and beauty to any surrounding and interior project. Be inspired by German quality and a Scandinavian design icon.

Innovation and Fantasy

Part metal exoskeleton part fantastical insect this mixed media grand piano will inspire awe and conversation!

Not to mention the avalanche of selfies that are sure to accompany everyone’s encounter with this piano. It takes a piano builder with over a century’s worth of expertise to translate the familiar form of a grand piano into the language of bionic futurism where the ordinary casing becomes an exposed exoskeleton of iron ad leather, the lid and music stand become the shell-inspired membrane of aluminum and lucite and the legs and pedal column are metallic tentacles of steel on which this exotic creature rests awaiting to be tickled. But once you tickle those glass-encased ivories the signature sound of mellow beauty for which Bluthner grands are celebrated for generations comes to life.

Electrify your interior with this futuristic masterpiece and not a single guest will soon forget your party.


Width: 145 cm, Length: 187 cm
Leather banding available in a variety of colors

The low-rising case of the piano exposes the iron frame creating a ‘open-heart’  effect akin to the most precious watches, bringing forth the working mechanism of the piano – it’s very own heart.

Bluthner PH is perfect for a ultra modern sleek interior featuring glass, lots of light and subdued hues. The red leather encircling the case and the polished chrome of metal hardware will create dramatic statement against the transparency of lucite elements and the gleam of the lid’s metal shell.

The patented Bluthner cross stringing meows this piano with beautiful and reliable sustainability of tune and resonance, which is a stalwart characteristic of a superior grand piano.

Like a giant Fabergé figurine the finishing detail of Bluthner PH is seen through the crystal transparency of the keyboard lid, the music stand and the top lid inviting us to marvel at the architectural prowess of its creators and the keen eye for detail makes this unique and statement- making piano unforgettable!

When closed Bluthner PH reminds us of an exotic dragonfly that has folded its preciously iridescent wings still revealing the jewel-like wonder of itself.

PH Grand Piano Collections

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