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Hive Xtravaganza

Lucid Edition

Bluthner HIVE Extravaganza is a stunning feat of engineering that marries a wild vision with tradition of excellence in piano building. This semi-transparent stastal piano houses a polished wooden skeleton that is fashioned as a bionic structure of a bee-hive.

Be Extravagant

The legs and the pedal lyra are edgeless, plant-inspired cones that curve ever-so-slightly giving this unique plexiglas piano a high impact look that is both science fiction and nature. The lid and the music stand feature the same bionic lines and cutouts that unify the style of this statement-making plexiglas piano. Available in black and in white Hive Extravaganza exhibits two very different style personalities. The austerity and contrast of the black Hive Extravaganza project geometry and new take on a classic color scheme while the white Hive Extravaganza beguiles with its surprisingly effervescent lightness. The iron frames and the damper’s veneers are matched to the color of the piano to create a unity of form and style.


Available as a 5ft, 5’5″, 5’9″, 6’3″, 6’9″, 7’8″ and 9’2″

The contrast of transparencies to the bionic structure of the body of black Hive Extravaganza intensify the unique geometry of its architecture. Chrome wheels and hardware compliment the two-tone effect of black Hive Extravaganza. Elegant and futuristic at once this plexiglas piano will elevate your interior onto the next plain of statement making. Black Hive Extravaganza will transform a stage of a contemporary performance venue into an awe inspiring spectacle even before one hears it’s beautiful sound.

White Hive Extravaganza embodies a sci-fi dream version of the crystal grand piano of the future. Light plays off the tonal unity of the white skeleton and the transparency of the lucite creating a vision of a piano in the clouds. Perfect for the light-flooded spaces white Hive Extravaganza will beguile with it’s ability to be one with the air and to integrate into a contemporary interior.

The corners of the lid are rounded off, the music stand design, the curvature of the legs. Those subtle references to mother nature allow Hive Extravaganza to appear evolutionary though we know it is men-made.

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