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The Fairy Tale Piano: Bluthner Lucid Editions

Bluthner Piano Jakarta
Blüthner Lucid Edition, “Hive”, customized in white

For those of us who grew up with the idea of fairy tales of course always imagine what it feels like to be surrounded by beautiful, fantastical things in a beautiful castle or a mansion. Or even if the story of Cinderella always makes you dream about owning something made of glass. Or if transparency of something as grand as a piano has always been in the back of your mind.

Introducing the Blüthner “Lucid Edition”, where your dreams can become a reality.

Based on the idea that a piano could be floating, weightless, and seamless, the Blüthner Lucid Edition gets you to dream about your perfect transparent instrument. Highly customizable with any colors and any size that you want, the Blüthner Lucid Edition can be tailored to suit the feel and style of your interior and home design, as well as your own aesthetic.

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From the “Hive” collection (pictured above) that gives you the gracefulness of a butterfly, with its playful character and whimsical construction, truly awaken a sense of the natural element of a forest with the shape of the legs and the pedal, and the iridescent gloss of the finish that mimics the reflection of sun rays. Easily customizable in any color imaginable, the “Hive” will awaken your inner spirit of what it means to truly marvel at something. Each glance at this piano will bring you to the beauty of nature, a constant reminder that something traditional and substantial can still always have a side of youth and exuberance.

Or consider the “iDyllic” collection, where the iconic shape of the piano is juxtaposed with the lightness of transparency (pictured below). Being almost completely caseless, the true gem of this design lies in the complete visibility of the inner workings of the instrument, giving you an unsurpassed enjoyment to explore the uniqueness of the mechanism. Designed to seem almost floating, the “iDyllic” gives you the significance, elegance, and substance that you want from having a grand piano, while at the same time taking away the heftiness of a regular black piano, substituting it with lightness and sophistication.

Blüthner Lucid Edition, “iDyllic”, customized in white and silver

However, for those of you who want something a bit more...masculine, the Lucid Edition can also be imbued with more solid color, as we can see in the “Excellence” collection, where the bottom half of the rim of the piano is customizable in either solid color or even panoramic view in which you can truly express yourself with your favorite color to match any room that will be enhanced by the presence of this beautiful instrument (as seen below) with the customized black color on the body of the piano, and black iron plate on the inside with matching bench.

Blüthner Lucid Edition, “Excellence”, customized in black

Your imagination should inspire you in every way in conceptualizing your own perfect instrument, for your own perfect sitting room, your lobby, your library, or your living room. With an option to have a self-play system installed, the instrument is the perfect companion to your beautiful house or building, where the piano is not only a feast for the ears but also feast for the eyes, making Blüthner Lucid Edition the one true choice for the stylish, sophisticated, and unique you.

Contact us today to experience the beauty of Blüthner Lucid Edition as well as our other collections! As the leading piano boutique in Indonesia with the highest expertise and discerning taste for pianos, The Grand Signature Piano represents only the most exclusive European pianos. Our passion in bringing only the best pianos to Indonesia is second to none, as we continue to provide only the first class instrument and service. Let us make your own fairy tale come true!

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